The Goddess Temple Alba

The Gods set the way for you. This Temple has raised because we have followed the call and desire of the Goddess to have a Temple of the Goddess in Alba. 


Ness Bosch

Priestess, Witch and Shamaness

"I follow the Way of the Gods, of the Earth, of the Waters... I am a Liminal Being, an Alchemist of Realities, a Weaver of the Sacred..."

Rev. Ness Bosch is a Hierophant Priestess, founder of the Goddess Temple Alba.

She is also founder Water Temple and the Covenant of Waters from which she guides people into the Water Mysteries and the Sea Priesthood. 

She is also a Priestess of Hathor and Sekhmet within the FOI and runs The House of Love and Thunder: Iseum of the Power of the Heart and co-runs The Temple of Hathor. She created The Priesthood of Hathor ® a training for those who feel the call to the Goddess. Ness is also Archdruidess, member of the Clan of Dana in the FOI and runs the Grove of Excalibur and the Lady of the Lake.

Ness is also a Shamaness, founder of The Path of the Bones, she travels with her teaching internationally. 

She has Organized 3 major International Online Congresses: The International Congress of Witchcraft and Magic and the FOI Symposium. The latest the Scottish Pagan Federation Online conference 2020, Visions of Magick. 

In 2011 she fought a Large Tumor, winning that battle and developed great insight from the experience. 

She moved to Scotland under the guidance of her Gods with her Children. 

Paisley, Scotland.
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