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We are Priestesses, we have not disappeared, we are reborn from the ashes of our ancient predecessors. We are unearthing an ancient path for future generations to find, to see it as clear as the sun itself and the moon, the stars, so that no one can get away from the gods or tell us that we can not connect with them.

They are the ancient gods that have called us to their service, they have awakened us so that we could bring them into a world of chaos and disconnection with the sacred in which we live. The ancient gods never left us, the patriarchy and the monotheistic religions disconnected us from them and tried to forget them.

The path of the priestess is beautiful, full of magic, of sacredness. It is a way of working to rebuild connections, to take off our modern shoes and put on the invisible sandals that take you to the temples of the ether and the abode of the gods. The invisible sandals that will allow you to walk on the old roads to bring to our time the Goddess and Ancient Gods.

We offer you the possibility to be initiated through the GTA as a Priestess or Priest in 3 different trainings at the moment: 

  • Priestess or Priest of Alba. Follow the stept towards the Goddess through our 3 Spirals, first as a Melissae or Servant of the Goddess, then to be her Walking Seed to finally be initiated as her Priestess or Priest to serve Her and your Community. 

  • Sea Priestess or Sea Priest. Walk towards the Great Marine Mother and the depths of her Water Realms. A training for those who resonate with the Water Element and wish to work with different water Deities, Spirits and Creatures. 

(Our Exclusive Priesthood of Hathor is not yet available, it will appear here when ready)

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Priesthood of the Goddess 

Priestess/Priest of Alba Training

Our Priesthood of the Goddess is open to anyone who feels a true call to direct their steps towards the Goddess and is accepted through the application proccess. 

You can join our training face to face in Scotland or Online Worldwide. 

To Qualify for Ordination:

All the members who seek ordination with us would serve a basic training and preparation divided in 3 spirals:

  • 1st Spiral: the Path of the Melissae. 1 year training (Face to Face or Mixed) to unfold the first steps into the Priesthood. A beautiful opportunity to Open the Invisible Realms to bring the Ancient Ones.

  • 2nd Spiral: The Path of the Walking Seed. 1 year training (Face to Face or Mixed) to go deeper into the Mysteries and embody the Seed of the Sacred Priestess.

  • 3rd Spiral: The Path of the Priestess. 9 Months training (Face to Face or Mixed) We will go deeper into the Work of the Priestess and Mysteries and you will embody your Goddess/Deity at Heart to be able to serve the Community as Priestess.   

Each Spiral has an indivivual donation. 

You can request the specific Info for the First Spiral, value etc using our Contact Form. 

Sea Priestess Training

Scota Goddess Temple and the Water Temple bring you the Sea Priestess Training for those who have a special connection with Water Element. 

This training you can do Face to Face in Scotland or Online Worldwide. 

The Spirals to Ordination: 

  • First Spiral of the Sea Priesthood consists of 10 Months of Exercises designed to analyze and help your connection with the Aquatic Element. After successfully completing the Spiral, students become Guardians or Melissa of the Temple of the Waters.

  • Second Spiral of the Sea Priesthood consists of 12 Lessons. This is the spiral of inner exploration, of the surrender of the soul to the waters and the spiral of changes. Students who complete this Spiral graduate as Sea Priests and Sea Priestesses the Temple of Waters.

  • Third Spiral of the Sea Priesthood consists of 12 Lessons. This is the Spiral for those who, having completed their Sea Priesthood, wish to share the mysteries  of Water with other people. After finishing their spiral and One year and One day of Service to the Temple of the Waters,  students will obtain their Title of High Priestess or Priest of the Waters

Each Spiral has an indivivual donation.

You can Download the basic info on the training below and request the specific Info, value etc using our Contact Form.  


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