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What can a Rite of Passage Do for Us?

Rites of passage can help us to:

  • Become aware of who we are and where we are in life.
  • Give us security, strength and clarity.
  • Renew us and transform us, opening a new life and identity for us.
  • Bring us recognition on a social level in the eyes of our group.
  • Help us to grow and evolve as individuals in on a mental and emotional level.  
  • Help us to place ourselves in healthy position among others based on respect for ourselves. 

What is a Rite of Passage?

A rite of passage is a bridging ceremony, a ceremony of transition from one life stage to another.

Rites of passage are not something new, they are ancient practices that have been lost over the years as we became 'Civilized'. Those ancestral rites fell into the well of social voragine and sick roles and models.

The fast pace of life of this modern era has been erasing the traces of the ancestral rites, leaving the vast majority with no other guide than chaos and unhealthy practices that have subtitude them, far removed from the sacred meaning of the rites.

This disconnection from the sacred and from the natural cycles of the human being has mostly brought dire consequences for the individual who, without making their vital transitions in an adequate way, can face not only imbalance and lack of security, but is also leaves them at the mercy of harmful social roles and practices.  

The Scota Goddess Temple offers different rites to facilitate these vital transitions in a healthy manner and trying to reconnect the individual with the sacred character of their cycles, through different rites designed to accompany each of these stages.

There are specific rites for young people, for men and for women. Continue reading for more information.

The Rites that you will find on this page I share in various ways:

  • Private Celebration: For an specific family upon request in a totally private weekend.
  • Collective Celebration: These are in the form of a Weekend Retreat. Open to those who wish to celebrate in communion with others the experience. Retreats are often extremely enriching.

Each of these celebrations usually has some preparations to organize. They are very special moments that require organization and particular elements.

In addition to the celebrations, I also share the training in these Rites, for those who wish to learn to facilitate them to other people.

If you Wish more Info about the Rites of Passage Offered or you wish to know about the Training use the Contact Form at the bottom of this page.

Coming into Age Rites for Young People

The Song of the Blood: Menarche Rites for Young Girls

Our blood sings... Sing the song of our ancestors, their stories, their life, sing our femininity. The blood comes singing the song of the sacred woman when we stop being girls, it sings a song of a Creatrix Goddess, it sings us females, it sings us mature, it sings us sexual. The song of blood is very old, as old as humanity. Enter the Circle of womanhood! 

The rites are celebrated on a weekend, where the young woman is instilled with her sacred character, her creative connection with Mother Earth, we talk about beauty, about care, what it means to be a woman in a broad sense, other women in her family are welcome to be part of this moment of celebration apart from the mother, so that they can also share their experience as women for the young woman to begin her new life adventure bathed in blessings. To end the rites, a Sacred Name will be given to her for her new stage, a name to recognize the Young Woman, leaving the girl behind.

This rites can be celebrated right before the First Moon or once the young woman has started bleeding. 

This rites can also be performed for adult women who have not had a healthy relationship with their Moon and wish to clear and heal their connection with their feminine side while they are bleeding women.

The rites can be requested privately by a family or they can be celebrated in common with other mothers and daughters who wish to share the experience.

The Song of the Mountain: Coming into Manhood Rites for Young Men

Winds of change descend from the mountain, it brings us a song of transformation, at night, of stars, a song of lights and shadows. It brings us the song of those who found their strength in the elements, of those who got lost in the wild and found new paths to walk. The Rites of Menhood go through meeting the wild and growing in the embrace of the mountain... 

The duration of these rites is determined by the age of the participant, since they are rites that accompany the young man at different times and the duration is not the same in the First Portal of the rites as in the Second. The duration is extended as the participant is older and although they are celebrated on a weekend or vacation, the preparation begins months before the chosen date since there are many things to do before surrendering to the ritual.

  • The First Portal is crossed between approximately 13 and 15 years of age.
  • The Second Portal before they turn 18.

The participant's father and grandparents can play an important role in these rites and their support is needed and appreciated for the boy who wants to become a man.

To end the rites, a Sacred Name will be given to the Young Men for his new stage, a name to recognize him, leaving the small boy behind.

This rites can also be performed by adult men who have not had a healthy begining into Menhood or are stuck or never really fully grew up into adulthood and wish to cross the portal in a sacred manner.  

The rites can be requested privately by a family or they can be celebrated in common with other Fathers and Sons who wish to share the experience altho still the Rites have a deep sense of individuality, even shared with others.

Rites of Passage for Adults

Rites for Women

The Honey Song: Coming into Motherhood Rites (For pregnant women)

Women buzz. When we women are full of love We buzz like bees at an energetic level, we shine like the morning sun, we are flowers full of nectar. A woman full of love is a force of nature, connected with the creative force of Mother Earth and connecting with our inner Goddess. 

When our belly is full with life, when our love materializes within us, we hum, we become queen bees and as such, Goddesses. We buzz when we are in our Creatrix Goddess phase, because we connect to Mother Earth as Life Givers and we beat our baby's heart with ours.

It is a time of Recognition and Blessings but it is also a time to Heal and to Empower ourselves. Women, we are going to gather, we are going to sing to the Belly with Love, with Pride! We are going to celebrate the Creatrix, the Mother Goddess, we are going to honour and love our Cosmic Uterus, where life explodes taking human form.   

This Rites over a weekend where the expecting woman goes through different portals. It is a weekend of Blessings and Magic celebrating ourselves as mothers and also growing, preparing for the moment of birth, clearing the path of possible fears or blockages as well.

An intense weekend to celebrate privately or in a group with other moms who wish to go through this preparatory threshold towards motherhood.

The Purple Poppy Song: Rites for the Women that Stops Bleeding (Menopause).

A 45- and 50-year-old woman today is more than ever in the prime of her life! She has lived, she has an experience that has enriched her on many levels, she will have had children or not, but she is before one of the most important doors of her existence. Her body changes and prepares to say goodbye to her moon, to stop bleeding.

We may still have a while to get to that moment, in any case we are all going to get there. Maybe in a natural way, maybe because for some reason our body took us to that moment ahead of time, or for a medical cause, no matter how we got there, the important thing is to know that we have to honor that sacred moment, that we have to embrace it. with love and respect because these women are one of the most important doors that will open for us! This is the front door of our empowerment neither more nor less!

An intense weekend to celebrate privately or in a group with other women who wish to go through this preparatory threshold towards Menopause.

The Song of Thunder: An Animistic Path for Men

Mother Earth needs Men who want to approach her with their hearts cut open, without fear. Men who wish to learn her hidden language, because yes, Rites will allow you to speak with Mother Earth who sustains us, will help you to decode the messages of the Great Mystery.

The path of the Rites of Thunder is a Healing Door for men who want to get out of the patterns of the old paradigm. It is an opportunity to heal deep wounds caused by a sick system, an opportunity to share and open up to other men, to heal together or separately in the Animistic Way. 

The Song of Thunder speaks to us of empowered men but of an empowerment that comes from personal healing, from embracing the Sacred Masculine and the Invisible Great Mystery and it lessons. 

On this path you will find different Medicine Circles of a few hours designed with a specific healing purpose and intention and Ritual Retreats for Men.

Other Rites 

The Lullaby of the Mouse: Baby Blessing and Naming Rites

When a new life comes, we have to receive it in a sacred manner, we have to recognize that baby within our clan. For this, a Rite to Bless and Recognize that new life must be celebrated.

Our little ones need blessings, protection to begin to walk through this world, they need our welcome. For as long as they live in their small piece of our universe while they grow up, and arrive at the next vital gate, this rite will hold them.

This Rite can be celebrated in a Day but requires of a previous meeting Circle and Preparations.

The Barn Owl Song: Separation and Endings Rites

Do not fear the medicine of the Owl, let her song take you out of the illusion, to show you where to go, because no one will guide you like her in the dark, even if the tears do not let you see where you step into, follow the Barn Owl... Sometimes things have to die dies to open the door to change, change comes because your soul needs it and you have to say goodbye when there cannot be tomorrow.

Many people forget that a Breakup is a very important part of relationships when it comes to working them with awareness, once we finish our grief phase.

The moment in which a relationship ends is very important, that is why a Rite to consciously close our union with another person at soul levels. You cannot imagine the amount of people who still drag ties and patterns of previous relationships because they weren't closed in a sacred way.

It seems that many people concentrate on celebrating the sacredness of the union but forget that a goodbye also has to be Sacred, that it has to be a Healing and that above all it has to liberate us. This is why I Share this Rites! 

This Rites as others, need of previous preparations and can be celebrated in a weekend in Private or a Retreat. 

Note: We dont need both integrants of the Couple to do the Rite, just consent, even at a soul level. 

The Butterfly Song: Rites to Honour the Death 

Butterfly, symbol of universal transformation, is an ethereal dancer. She better than any other animal to tell us about transits, death and transformation.

Butterflies symbolize death or rebirth after death. In fact, some believe that these beautiful creatures represent the souls of those who have left this mortal world.

It is important to celebrate and honor death as another step in this life of ours. Learn to accept and integrate this transit from detachment and deep understanding. Step out of the patterns where we have to remember with pain in order to honor with love and celebrate. Yes, we are going to celebrate death, our ancestors, we are going to plant flowers instead of sorrows.

Get in touch for more information about this Rites as I can adapt them by request. 

Get in touch if you are interested in any of this Rites

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